The Clement Peerens Explosition at Depot Leuven Frid.16 Dec 2023(extra concert)

by photosindarkness

Music-loving Flanders is officially in a state of mourning: legendary rock band The Clement Peerens Explosition announces that they will be kicking off their shovel for good in 2022 for a second time at Het Depot!

But they won’t do that without saying goodbye to their fans one last time. The true reason for their sudden farewell remains – as it is with all great bands – shrouded in mystery.

“You have no business with that, I’m not going to hang it on your nose, because you wouldn’t understand it anyway,” responded CPEX chief Clement Peerens.

These will undoubtedly be emotional months for music lovers from all over the country, but we hope that by the summer the tears will have dried up so that we can give it one last shot with Clement Peerens, the heaven-storming Aertbelian Sylvain and the Ueberbabe Lady Dave! Enjoy their masterful riffs and their indestructible repertoire one very last time.

Want to go wild one last time on ‘Vinde ye my hole’, ‘Foorwijf’, ‘Boecht van Dunaldy’ or the new single ‘Na is ‘m vol’? Don’t miss your appointment with history this evening! Olraaait! (source: Depot)

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