PELTER SKELTER INDOORFEST 2024 Pelt saturday 28 september 2024

by photosindarkness

Celebrate 40 years of cc Palethe with Pelter Skelter’s first indoorfest on Saturday, September 28, 2024, in the Zinnezaal. Performances will be indoors, but the right side wall will open to a garden with food trucks and benches for relaxing between shows.


  • 7 Bands + 1 Aftershow
  • Afterparty: PlaatPraat Soundsystem


  1. WEGSFEER: A live new wave party playing hits from Joy Division, The Cure, and more. Experience the 80s revival with energetic performances.
  2. Belgian Asociality: Expect nostalgic Dutch punk songs like “Morregen!” and “Bompa Punk!” for a lively set.
  3. Captain Kaiser: Punk band with raw, mature sound. New single “DRIVE” deals with themes of grief and catharsis.
  4. Disorientations: Post-punk band from Antwerp with a contemporary sound. New album “Lost Today” explores hope and despair.
  5. Kregel: Limburg trio with a unique sound blending post-punk and 80s guitars with intelligent Dutch lyrics.
  6. Mojo & The Kitchen Brothers: Five-piece band combining 70s psychedelia and prog rock with a modern twist.
  7. FLKS: Local pop punk band with influences from NOFX, The Ramones, and more.


  • Regular: 15€
  • At the Door: 20€

Join us for a day of great music, food, and fun!


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