Wave Gotik Treffen 2024 ,Leipzig a full review, 16-20 may 2024

by photosindarkness

A Journey into the Heart of Goth, EBM, Postpunk, and Electronic Music

As a photographer, crafting words into a narrative isn’t my forte. My true art lies in capturing moments through the lens. However, the experience of my recent five-day trip was so vivid and unforgettable that I feel compelled to share it.

We embarked on our journey early in the morning, a trio of photographers, each representing our respective online magazines. By 3 p.m., we arrived in Leipzig, a city buzzing with anticipation. After checking into our hotel, we quickly secured our entrance tapes and headed straight to the first event of the festival: the EBM warm-up party at the iconic Felsenkeller.

The atmosphere in the hall was electric, filled with a sense of camaraderie and excitement. As the night unfolded, we were treated to a mix of new and familiar sounds. Fresh discoveries like HORSKH, NTRSN, and SIIE  BANG ELEKTRONIKA shared the stage with established acts such as NO SLEEP BY THE MACHINE and STURM CAFE.

Among these, the French industrial metal group HORSKH stood out the most. Their exhilarating beats and sharp guitar riffs resonated deeply, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression on me.

The festival had only just begun, but already it promised to be a mesmerizing exploration of gothic, EBM, postpunk, and electronic music. This was just the start of a journey that would be etched into my memory, not only through the photographs I captured but through the experiences and sounds that filled these five extraordinary days..

 Day 1



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no sleep by the machine 2no sleep by the machine 6no sleep by the machine 5no sleep by the machine 4no sleep by the machine 10no sleep by the machine 9no sleep by the machine 12no sleep by the machine 15no sleep by the machine 17no sleep by the machine 19


bang elektronika 2bang elektronika 7bang elektronika 8bang elektronika 9bang elektronika 5bang elektronika 12bang elektronika 11bang elektronikabang elektronika 13


horskh 24horskh 4horskh 6horskh 11horskh 8bang elektronika 1horskh 17horskh 19horskh 23horskh 16horskh 12horskh 10


sturmcafe 2sturmcafe 6sturmcafe 5sturmcafe 4sturmcafe 7sturmcafe 9sturmcafe 10sturmcafe 11sturmcafe 13


WGT 2024

Days 2 and 3: A Journey into Gothic, Post-Punk, and Deathrock

The anticipation was palpable as I embarked on a two-day odyssey through the dark, immersive world of gothic, post-punk, and deathrock. My curiosity was piqued by the legendary names of yesteryear—bands like Rose of Avalanche, Sex Gang Children, Theater of Hate, and Ausgang, whose music had remained a mystery to me. Equally compelling was the promise of newer acts such as Cemetery Girlz, Principe Valiente, Batboner, and Tragic Black.

The hallowed halls of Taubchental became my sanctuary, a space where these enigmatic sounds came to life. As the haunting melodies and driving rhythms filled the air, I was struck by the enduring vitality of this genre. Each performance revealed that the spirit of gothic music was not only alive but thriving, with both seasoned veterans and fresh faces commanding their devoted audiences with an undeniable fervor.

It was a revelation to witness the seamless blend of old and new, each group bringing their unique energy and presence to the stage. The experience reaffirmed that the gothic scene remains a powerful and dynamic force, resonating deeply with those who seek its dark embrace.


the cemetary girlz 9the cemetary girlz 7the cemetary girlz 18the cemetary girlz 4the cemetary girlz 6the cemetary girlz 13the cemetary girlz 10the cemetary girlz 11the cemetary girlz 14the cemetary girlz 2


principe valiente 5principe valiente 9principe valiente 10principe valiente 11principe valiente 12principe valiente 8principe valiente 2principe valiente 4principe valiente


rose of avalanche 2rose of avalanche 8rose of avalanche 6rose of avalanche 11rose of avalanche 12rose of avalanche 9rose of avalanche 15rose of avalanche 16rose of avalanche 14rose of avalanche 20rose of avalanche 23


theatre of hate 2theatre of hate 7theatre of hate 6theatre of hate 5theatre of hate 9theatre of hate 12theatre of hate 16theatre of hate 13theatre of hate 17


batboner 2batboner 8batboner 7batboner 5batboner 12batboner 11batboner 19batboner 17batboner 13


the bellwether syndicate 2the bellwether syndicate 7the bellwether syndicate 8the bellwether syndicate 5the bellwether syndicate 11the bellwether syndicate 12the bellwether syndicate 13the bellwether syndicate 18the bellwether syndicate 20


ausgang 2ausgang 8ausgang 6ausgang 9ausgang 12ausgang 10ausgang 13ausgang 18ausgang 20ausgang 22


tragick black 15tragick black 5tragick black 7tragick black 16tragick black 4tragick black 2tragick black 6tragick black 8tragick black 18tragick black 9


sex gang children 2sex gang children 7sex gang children 6sex gang children 4sex gang children 8sex gang children 10sex gang children 11sex gang children 19sex gang children 16sex gang children 15sex gang children 13

Day 4 and 5: An Alternating Odyssey

The fourth and fifth days of Wave Gotik Treffen were a captivating blend of genres, seamlessly transitioning from electronic beats to post-punk rhythms, dark wave melodies, and even the primal sounds of Viking music. These days were a treasure trove of discoveries.

Day 4 Highlights: The Beauty of Gemina took the stage in the expansive Agra Hall, mesmerizing a large audience that had gathered early. Their performance set a high bar for the day. Later, we ventured to the intimate Moritzbastei to experience Neila Invo, whose dark wave sound, enhanced by Ash Code’s keyboards, created an enchanting atmosphere. The day concluded powerfully with performances by the legendary Cassandra Complex and the renowned Editors, leaving us exhilarated.

Day 5 Highlights: We began the final day immersed in the emerging post-punk darkwave scene, with bands like Lament, Topographies, and Social Station delivering captivating sets. Each band brought a fresh and distinct sound, showcasing the future of the genre.

Our next stop was the Schausspielhaus, where we were transported into the fierce and thrilling world of Viking war music by Eihwar. Their intense performance was a highlight of the festival. The grand finale of Wave Gotik Treffen was delivered by the German group Hope. Their music defied categorization, fluidly shifting between indie, post-rock, noise, and ambient/electronic. The ever-changing soundscape left a profound impression on us.

Farewell and Gratitude: Tuesday morning, we departed for home, our hearts full and our bodies tired. The festival had given us five days of exhilarating performances from both seasoned legends and exciting new bands.

A heartfelt thank you to the organizers for crafting such a vibrant and diverse experience. We eagerly await next year’s edition. Until then, farewell!


beauty of gemina 11beauty of gemina 3beauty of gemina 5beauty of gemina 6beauty of gemina 4beauty of gemina 12beauty of gemina 9beauty of gemina 8beauty of gemina 10beauty of gemina 2beauty of gemina 7beauty of gemina 13


neila invo 2neila invo 7neila invo 6neila invo 5neila invo 18neila invo 13neila invo 19neila invo 20neila invoneila invo 21neila invo 15


the cassandra complex 13the cassandra complex 16the cassandra complex 3the cassandra complex 7the cassandra complex 21the cassandra complex 18the cassandra complex 6the cassandra complex 2the cassandra complex 17the cassandra complex 19the cassandra complex 5the cassandra complex 4


editors 34editors 13editors 2editors 31editors 9editors 28editors 24editors 38editors 17editors 4editors 10editors 18editors 6


Lament 2Lament 4Lament 6Lament 7Lament 8Lament 5Lament 9Lament 16Lament 14


Topographies 3Topographies 9Topographies 8Topographies 10Topographies 6Topographies 11Topographies 12Topographies 14Topographies


Social Station 2Social Station 7Social Station 8Social Station 4Social Station 12Social Station 11Social Station 10Social Station 15Social Station 16


Eihwar 2Eihwar 7EihwarEihwar 14Eihwar 13Eihwar 16Eihwar 3Eihwar 5Eihwar 6Eihwar 9Eihwar 12Eihwar 11Eihwar 8Eihwar 10Eihwar 4Eihwar 15


hope 2hope 3hope 4hope 5hope 6hope 7hope 8hope 9hope 10hope 11hope 12hope 13hope 14hope 15hope 16hope 17hope 18hope 19hope 20hope 21hope 22hope 23hope 24hope 25hope 26hope 27hope 28hope 29


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