Mercury Rev Depot Leuven Tuesday 12 november 2024

by photosindarkness

Since forming in 1989 in Buffalo, New York, Mercury Rev has made a career out of boldly exploring the boundaries of artistic perception and channeling colors, sounds and visions that always seem just beyond our mortal reach. The Guardian praised the group as “a rarity in indie rock: a band that has continually evolved its sound, pushed the boundaries of what rock music actually means in 25 years, and borrowed from jazz, funk, doo-wop, techno, folk and much more along the way,” while Rolling Stone praised their “majestic chaos” and the BBC their “shimmering psychedelic pop, compelling indie rock, [and] spectacularly compelling passages of lush instrumentation.

The band’s 1991 debut, ‘Yerself Is Steam,’ landed on Pitchfork’s Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time, and their 1998 breakthrough, ‘Deserter' ‘s Songs,’ was named NME’s Album of the Year upon its release, Pitchfork’s 100 Favorite Records of the 1990s (2003), Melody Maker’s All Time Top 100 Albums (2000), Uncut’s 200 Greatest Albums of All Time (2016) and the list of the multiple 1,000 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Various musical collaborations with legendary artistic luminaries and appearances at major festivals and TV stations around the world have cemented their status as one of America’s most groundbreaking groups capable of crossing the line between mainstream appeal and progressive musical experimentation…

Details of a new album, recorded in the Catskills, will be released soon. No reason not to miss them.

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