THE RESIDENTS at Botanique Brussels sun 29 january 2023

by photosindarkness

Surprising experimental rockers mark their 50 years anniversary

The plan was to have this tour as early as 2021. Everything was booked, the plans were forged. But then came the pandemic and the dates had to be rescheduled again. Funnily enough, it seemed that The Residents had already predicted something like this on their last tour (which also visited Botanique). After all, for the occasion, the experimental-rock legends had traded in their eyeballs for 17th century plague masks. In 2022, The Residents will celebrate their 50th anniversary and they will do so at the Orangery as well. As usual, the band members prefer not to give away too much about their plans just yet, but what is certain is that their first blues record “Metal, meat & bone” will be played live for the first time, and that “DUCK STAB!” (from 1978) will be highlighted. The rest you will have to discover for yourself on Feb. 6, when the band comes to Belgium once again.

This concert has been rescheduled for 29/01/2023.

Tickets remain valid. If the new date does not fit, you can exchange your ticket(s) for a VALUE Voucher (remains valid for 1 year, after all, we’d love to see you again) or be refunded.

Ticket holders will receive an email about this. You have time to let us know until 10/01/2022.(source: botanique )




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