Rammstein at Koning Boudewijn stadion Brussels sat 5 august 2023 (also 4&3)

by photosindarkness

Updated: On massive public demand, Rammstein added a third passage on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2023 at the King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels. It is the only additional date of the European tour to be added and is also now sold out. One thing is certain. The Belgian summer will never have been so hot with no less than three Rammstein shows: on August 3, 4 and 5.

After Rammstein announced their return to Belgium in September, both shows on August 4 & 5 were immediately sold out. And the hunger for Rammstein remained insanely high with crowds of fans signing up for the waiting list. And that patience is being rewarded as Rammstein adds a third date on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2023 at King Baudouin Stadium. If possible, Rammstein is shifting up another gear with no less than three sold-out passages in Belgium and two in the Netherlands.

On April 29, 2022, the band released their latest album, “Zeit. The album catapulted itself to the highest position in no less than 11 countries. Én rarely seen in June’s De Afrekening: Rammstein grabbed not only No. 1 but also No. 2 in the list. ‘Zeit’ in the lead, followed by ‘Zick Zack’. And Rammstein continues to rule The Settlement with ‘Dicke Titten’ at No. 1.

Also the whirlwind shows, last summer, in Ostend did not miss their effect with no less than 3 albums in the top 10 and 5 songs that then rose significantly in the Ultratop. The Belgian press unanimously praised the band’s smashing passage in Ostend, with exclusively 4 to 5-star reviews! Rammstein treats time and again to a spectacular show that is literally on fire. Expect a perfectly orchestrated band with the blissful humor and pathetics of the Rammstein act! In terms of style, grandeur and quality, all this is unquestionably unique in the music world. So it is only natural that Rammstein is offering all its fans and all those about to become fans another chance to experience this “gigantic show” (Rolling Stone) live! (source Greenhouse talent)

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