LIEGE NEW WAVE FESTIVAL 2022,Centre Culturel d’Engis 17 sept 2022

by photosindarkness

Gothic Rock/Dark Wave
Belgian dark wave/gothic band that redefines 80ies post punk & cold wave sound, making use of modern sound tech but keeping cold wave roots and culture, re-staging it with “wall-ofsound” arrangements, aiming at making people shiver…

Between post-punk and dark rock, VARSOVIE was formed in Grenoble by Arnault Destal and Grégory Cathérina. For 15 years, the group has performed more than a hundred dates across Europe and has produced 4 albums and 1 EP.
Still on texts in French and a line that is both ultra nervous and twilight, the latest album “L’Ombre et la Nuit”, released in 2021 by Icy Cold Records, continues to reformulate contemporary convulsions through singular figures and tense landscapes.

WÜLF7 (Belgium)
Dark Electro Body Melancholic
WÜLF7 is not what we can call a pure EBM band .. The musical influences of these 2 Wolves sometimes different are creating what we call “ Dark Electro Body Melancholic “ Sounds ..
That’s the perfect definition of our music.

Dark post-punk/shoegaze
Give Up To Failure is a 5-piece band from Wroclaw, Poland. Their music is a mix between shoegaze, post-rock and post-punk. Their debut album “Burden” – released in 2020 on independent label Requiem Records – features 8 long, atmospheric tracks loaded with reverb and dirt. Give Up To Failure is currently working on their second album, transforming the initial sound of the group whose new face will be revealed directly on this tour.

Postwave/electronic newwave
Electro-wave band from Bruges Belgium.
With bass, guitar, male and female singer, old analogue synths and computer they make a mix of new wave, electro, dance, … and make a new sound.

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