Levellers and Arsenal heads Rock Olmen 2024 , Olmen 26 &27 july 2024

by photosindarkness

Rock Olmen 2024 is gearing up for two full-fledged festival days this coming summer. The organizers have unveiled the complete lineup, once again showcasing a strong focus on local talent alongside a few international headliners. Those captivated by the lineup below can locate Rock Olmen amidst the eternal hunting grounds of Groezrock and the sacred festival grounds of Graspop.

Rock Olmen 2024 reveals lineup with Millionaire. On Friday, the festival will host Arsenal, Millionaire, The Hickey Underworld, Egyptian Blue, Jeroen Delodder, Black Leather Jacket, Barno Koevoet & The Duijmschpijkers, Steve, Stay Idle, and Boskat.

The following day, Levellers, Channel Zero, John Coffey, The Guru Guru, Rhea, Bluai, Cornflames, Campus, Ise, Mind Rays, and Dammit will grace Rock Olmen 2024’s stage.

Rock Olmen 2024 will take place on Friday, July 26th, and Saturday, July 27th, at the Stotert, located at the church square of Olmen in Balen. Tickets are available now via the website, where a combi-ticket costs only 58.60 euros. Day tickets are priced at 36.60 euros, and camping spots are completely free!

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