Intothedarkfest 9& 10 september 2023 is definitely going ahead,you can here read why ?

by photosindarkness

A little press release :

“Since 2016, DMC Agency and Into The Dark have collaborated to host several events in Flanders. DMC focused on the metal audience, while Into The Dark focused on the New Wave and post-punk scene. Recently Into The Dark announced that they are separating from DMC and will continue as an independent organization. This structural decision will have virtually no impact on attendees of already scheduled events. Artists can now contact the following people:

Main organizer Bart Doumen:
Press officer Vincent Ducaté:
Communications Manager Amina Deven:

In addition, the general e-mail address remains available for volunteer recruitment, general information and any questions, among other things. In the future, Into The Dark plans to focus on a limited number of small-scale events throughout the year, as well as a large festival in the fall. A “Battle of the bands” will take place on August 26, with 3 bands competing to be the opening act at the Into The Dark Fest scheduled for September 9 and 10. This promises to be a great edition with performances by Lene Lovich Band, Honeymoon Cowboys, She Past Away, Sono and Empathy Test, among others. Ticket sales are on schedule and organizers are also providing a house cocktail for all attendees. Tickets are available through the website and the full annual schedule can be found on the general website.”

So be there and enjoy the 2 days full of postpunk ,wave

Tickets & info

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