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The Mars Model was formed in early 2019, when 5 buddies with a love for punk, post-punk, wave, metal and goth rock decided to release their debut record Francobelga already after a few months of intense rehearsals. This debut disc was very warmly received by the press at home and abroad. Covid threw a spanner in the works, but the band stayed tough and after some smaller shows it was time for their second opus Sister Glory / Frozen in Time accompanied by two accompanying video clips.

The Mars Model did a gaggle of shows in a short time and a solid set at Sinnersday in particular proved to attract attention. For fans of Killing Joke, Magazine and everything in between.

Formed in Lessen, the birthplace of René Magritte, The Ultimate Dreamers come out of a very long sleep in 2021. Between cold wave and post-punk, their cold and organic sounds are adapted into melancholic, often catchy and sometimes dissonant melodies, which serve as a musical framework for themes dominated by dreams, heartbreak and social criticism.

Live Happily While Waiting For Death, a compilation of homemade demos recorded in the late 1980s, was released on Wool-E Discs / Dans les Profondeurs in September 2021.

The magic is back. The Ultimate Dreamers are back in action with a new lineup and an updated repertoire, playing a series of concerts.

In October 2022, the quartet released the single “Polarized.” The EP Echoing Reverie followed in early 2023.

For the most part, the construction of the pyramids remains a mystery, as does the origin of Miss Tetanos, a trio of hot-blooded reptilian metallurgists who use the electromagnetic waves of their 6th sense to cast a new spell on disembodied humanoids seeking the ultimate sensations of symbiosis with a post-industrial world that eludes them.

SSIM SONATET III has all the paraphernalia of the emotional elevator, with its system of malevolent pulleys with well-oiled gears that rush into the telluric bowels of rivers of molten metal, where the mechanical vibration of the fluids enables the formation of a pharaonic Black Wave that never initiates its ebb.

Alix Van Ripato is a contemporary feminist witch who sings liberating incantations, creates reincarnative dances, invokes her personal idols and evokes her dreams. Her music can also be summed up in this phrase: “Music to dance without being judged”.(source: MAG4)

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