THE MARS MODEL + A SLICE OF LIFE CD RELEASE SHOWS De Klinker Aarschot, 11 november 2022

by photosindarkness

The Mars Model and A Slice of life present their new albums in De Klinker ,Aarschot


A Slice Of Life is a Belgian band with roots in post-punk,
alternative rock and wave, which produces a melancholic yet driven and
catchy sound.

Live the band stands like a house and the Live the band stands like a house and the variety and energy on the
stage is undeniable.
They played in smaller clubs but also at big festivals like
W-Festival, Wave Gothic Treffen Leipzig, Sinner’s Day,

On the new album “Tabula Rasa” (released September 2022), the
the band more and more its own identity and sound. Each song is a
story: sometimes subdued, sometimes exuberant and even a touch
playful. Guitars still often predominate but there is also room
for piano, electronics and even strings.(source : A slice of Life)



In 2019 The MARS MODEL took shape, a group of friends and like-minded individuals wanted to create something different.
The band consist out of musicians who had their spurs in previous bands, the band decided not to drop any names, as they need a fresh and honest approach towards listeners and bystanders.
A year of hard and intense rehearsals and a 4 track album (Francobelga) 12″/mcd was created.
The band has been in a non-stop work modus, even during the pandemic hold-up, a second 2 track vinyl 12″ has been released in 2020 and the accompanied 2 video’s
spread like wild fire on line.
TMM has made a full circle image around the band itself, matching logo’s, stunning artwork and songs that are representative in an age of strife and confusion without losing focus on happiness and a positive outlook on things to come.
THE MARS MODEL brings listeners a fully-formed outspoken vision that presented a variety of attractive power, dramatic swells and energetic, explosive riffing.
The style “could” be described as postpunk or dark wave or goth metal…then again it’s just a name and description, the band pushes the limits on stage and has been surprising friend and foe since their early stages and wants the spectator to judge.
The band is currently working on an upcoming new release amongst the busy show roster.(source: The Mars Model )
Stay tuned.


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