Steve Ignorant presents ‘Crass songs 1977-1984’ + HEADSTICKS at Ancienne Belgique Brussels ,16 Oct 2022

by photosindarkness

Anarcho-punk collective approved by Sleaford Mods, Björk, Neurosis …

They took their band name from a phrase – “The kids were just crass” – from David Bowie’s classic “Ziggy Stardust. Crass not only screamed that they were DIY – Do It Yourself – they lived by it. So they had their own community (Dial House), ran their own record label (Crass Records), and designed their own now iconic record covers. With their track ‘Punk Is Dead,’ they sneered at The Sex Pistols and The Clash who soon sold their souls to major record labels.

Their classics ‘The Feeding of the 5000’ (’78) and ‘Stations of the Crass’ (’79) still sound incendiary and brutal today. By the way, the soul of Crass still lives on in a band called Sleaford Mods, which also name-drops them every time it can. Björk also carries them on her hands, if only because Crass released the first two albums of her band Kükl on their own Crass Records.

Steve Ignorant presents ‘Crass Songs 1977-1984’

Exactly 35 years after Crass threw in the towel – Crass already decided to quit when they were formed in the ‘George Orwell’ year of 1984 – Crass frontman Steve Ignorant decides to hit the road again and perform songs from the rich Crass oeuvre. The (dark) current events simply compel him to do so. (source:AB Brussels )


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