dEUS – Concert #1 at Ab Brussels Tues 14 march 2023

by photosindarkness

dEUS presents ‘How To Replace It’
dEUS presents their long-awaited, brand new album!

Look, it’s here! Almost! ‘How To Replace It,’ the long-awaited successor to the excellent dEUS album ‘Following Sea’ (with the then surprisingly superb single ‘Quatre Mains’) from already 2012. Not that dEUS and helmsman Tom Barman have shrouded themselves in silence over the past decade. After all, Tom Barman released no less than three jazz-inspired albums with the succulent TaxiWars and excelled on various stages from AB to Jazz Middelheim. And with “Hurry Up And Wait,” Barman even presented his very first solo expo featuring his photographic skills.

In 2019, dEUS made history by selling out AB no less than 8 times (!) in a row as part of the Rewind series, where they played their classic ‘The Ideal Crash’ in its entirety. No other band surpassed them in AB history. With the subsequent documentary ‘Confessions To dEUS’ (by director Fleur Boonman) they caught up with their fans.

Their latest festival tour (squared with the re-integration of Mauro Pawlowksi as guitarist) was praised everywhere, as in Humo (****) or De Standaard: ‘dEUS pours out a divine apéritif!’ (De Standaard). And it’s really no coincidence that in the recent Belpop 100 (Radio 1), 4 of their classics are still in the highest regions: ‘Instant Street, ‘Suds & Soda’, ‘Nothing Really Ends’ and ‘The Architect.’

Another nail-biting wait for the release of ‘How to Replace It,’ but one thing is certain: you won’t get any closer to gOD in 2023. (source :AB) There will be a second concert on wed 15 March 2023

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