DARKEST NIGHT 2023 Dark Balloon Retie 22 april 2023

by photosindarkness

With AD:keY offical, the EBM project of Rene Nowotny and Andrea Schwägerl-nowotny we complete our line up for our DARKEST NIGHT 2023. This duo from Berlin will open our evening with a sound of Electronic Body Music with explosive bass lines, hammering beats, catchy synth melodies and powerful combinations of male and female vocals in both German and English

Deleritas is an electronic music group from Liège composed of Onyx on the keyboard and Sam on percussion. Evolving in the universe of industrial and dark electro, the two brothers wanted to set up a project reflecting their tastes but also offering a musical universe different from the scene he loved so much… And Deleritas was born!

Already since 2001, the Sturm Café duo, have been bombarding us with their old school EBM from Sweden. Although sometimes it sounds a bit more poppy with an eighties twist, but true to the minimal sound and vintage machinery which they seem to cherish with love. Both have a good notion of the German language which they use in their music.

As the second headliner of our DARKEST NIGHT 2023, we are proud to announce Orange Sector (offiziell). This German EBM band has been active since 1992 and they have performed on many major stages in Germany at NCN – Nocturnal Culture Night; Wave-Gotik-Treffen, etc. They have also performed in Mexico. But on Saturday, April 22, they are finally back in Belgium, in our village Retie.(source: Dark Balloon)


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