The Cure at Sportpaleis ,Antwerp Wed. 23 november 2022

by photosindarkness

Special guests: The Twilight Sad

The Cure is planning a European tour of 44 shows across 22 countries in 2022! Featuring a new 67-minute album and a 135-minute live show!

In 1980, singer Robert Smith and his band The Cure broke through internationally with the single “A Forest.” The group became the symbol of the new wave era, but managed to constantly renew itself over the years. Popular bands today such as Interpol, Editors, The Smashing Pumpkins, … cite The Cure as a great source of inspiration. Songs like “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Close To Me,” “Friday I’m in Love” are musical world heritage and numerous gold and platinum records adorn the trophy case of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members.(source: Sportpaleis)

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