THE CAS­SAN­DRA COMPLEX De Nieuwe Nor Heerlen (NL) update saturday 1 june 2024(new date )

by photosindarkness

The Cassandra Complex is an influential post-punk band that originated in the 1980s. Their unique sound combined electronic elements, post-punk aesthetics and guitar-driven compositions, which quickly caught the attention of music fans. With powerful vocals by Rodney Orpheus, the band managed to stand out, and songs such as “Moscow Idaho,” “One Millionth Happy Customer” and “The War Against Sleep” brought them fame in the European music scene, quickly gaining notoriety. In 2024, The Cassandra Complex will celebrate its 40th anniversary. As part of that, they will play a show at the Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen on March 24!

In 2022, The Cassandra Complex surprised with the album “The Plague,” their first album in 22 years. The album received rave reviews. For example,Louder Than War wrote: “Cassandra Complex sounds as urgent and vital in 2022 as it did in the early eighties.”

In addition to their musical success, Rodney Orpheus, a prominent figure in the band, has also had an impact on music technology. He helped develop and promote VST (Virtual Studio Technology), an innovation that dramatically changed the music industry. Through their music and technological contributions, The Cassandra Complex remains an important player in both the world of music and technological advancement.

support: Vaselyne
Vaselyne is a collaboration between Dutch singer/songwriter Yvette Winkler and Dutch musician and producer Frank Weyzig. Influenced by bands such as Porcupine Tree and Blackfield, Vaselyne is described as one of the most intelligent and talented technical bands in the ambient-alternative rock genre. In June 2022, Vaselyne finally released their long-awaited full-length album: “The Sea Says.”

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