New Model Army , Depot Leuven Thursday 28 March 2024

‘Unbroken’ sounds a lot like New Model Army, but different again.

New Model Army have announced that their sixteenth (!) studio album ‘Unbroken’ will be released in 2024. With a major tour featuring European and UK dates, Het Depot can’t be anything but a stopover.

The band began writing the album in 2021 against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world and their own lives. They decided early on that their first choice to mix the new album would be the legendary Tchad Blake. He accepted, saying, “Not much touches me so sincerely these days. New Model Army hits it for me. Beautifully recorded and produced by the band themselves, mixing this album felt like a gift.” Full of guitars, scorching vocals and with the emphasis on bass and drums that characterises all their work, ‘Unbroken’ sounds a lot like New Model Army, but different again.

Formed in Bradford in 1980, New Model Army are storming through their fifth decade and show no signs of slacking off. They recently released a live double concert album ‘Sinfonia’ in September 2023 – a unique performance recorded with the Sinfonia Leipzig Orchestra at the Tempodrom in Berlin. The new studio album ‘Unbroken’ will be released on 26 January 2024.(source : Depot)

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Tickets on sale from fri 3 nov 11.00 AM

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