SATURDAY 08.10.22 an evening curated by WHISPERING SONS,Muziekodroom ,Hasselt

by photosindarkness
Catch Whispering sons  live at PLAY in Muziekodroom on 08.10! The’re happy to be curating this festival day. Dans Dans, Bluai, The Homesick, Pauwel, Novgrod, Niels Orens and many others will be joining them !



Belgian quintet Whispering Sons brings a unique blend of experimental and powerful post-punk with elements of no wave and industrial. Their dark sound exudes desperation and nervousness and their live performances are chillingly impressive.

In recent years, they have taken important steps forward, redrawing the boundaries of what they consider possible. With their latest album “Several Others,” they effortlessly managed to fulfill the sky-high expectations since their 2018 debut “Image.

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