Rudeboy plays Urban Dance Squad ft. DJ DNA + DYnamic at Depot Leuven ,sun 30 oct 2022

by photosindarkness

The MC from Urban Dance Squad is back!

What a moment! After the breakup of Urban Dance Squad in 2006, Rudeboy, the singer/MC of the band, chose to perform again with only UDS songs. You read it right, the songs of Urban Dance Squad are totally back!

Urban Dance Squad was a Dutch band that was one of the very first bands in the late 1980s to crossover rock, blues, reggae combined with hip hop. Never seen before. Many foreign acts, including Rage Against the Machine, were subsequently inspired by UDS. Their debut “Mental Floss For The Globe” (from 1989) is an über-classic. In fact, feel free to call it a standard work of pop music!

Expect an energetic set featuring songs from all Urban Dance Squad records with the unique blend of guitar and hip hop. Ready for “Deeper Shade Of Soul,” “No Kid,” “Demagogue,” “Good Grief” and “Fast Lane”? A concert for fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine and Living Colour. (Depot Leuven)


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