Röyksopp AB Brussels mon. 20 febr.2023

by photosindarkness

Secretive duo from Norway makes an unexpected comeback
The mysterious duo from Norway makes an unexpected comeback, resuming music with an artistic frenzy that suggests the best for what is to come. The third volume of their new project “Profound Mysteries” will be released this fall. On the occasion, Röyksopp is hitting the road again and will be in Brussels on February 20, 2023 for an already exceptional concert in AB.

Last spring, Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland surprised everyone by releasing their sixth album, “Profound Mysteries I.” The surprise was all the greater because after 2014’s magnificent “The Inevitable End,” the duo had announced that this would be their last release. It is therefore with pleasure that the performers of the iconic “What Else is There?”, taken from their cult album “The Understanding,” pick up where they left off. With their inspiration intact, the band draws a multiple project in three chapters that mixes music, graphics and video. They are back with a musical headliner titled “Profound Mysteries I,” on which we find their inimitable electro sound including the track “Impossible,” a steamy and danceable featuring with Alison Goldfrapp. For “Profound Mysteries II,” they team up again with velvet voices, for a result that oscillates between melancholy, sometimes soaring, sometimes more electronic-rhythms. A very good omen for “Profound Mysteries III,” scheduled for Nov. 18. Röyksopp will present their new work live on Feb. 20 in AB. A concert between nostalgia and modernity, an evening to be experienced intensely.

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