PAVLOV’S DOG Hair of the Dog Tour 2023 at De Roma ,Antwerp , Frid. 5 may 2023

by photosindarkness

American prog rock phenomenon Pavlov’s Dog – famous and infamous for singer David Surkamp’s unique, high alto voice – is coming to Antwerp with its Hair of the Dog Tour 2023. Get ready for an unforgettable rock fest with the legendary band that has continued to amaze for more than four decades.

Pavlov’s Dog was founded in 1973 by drummer Mike Safron, who had previously earned his stripes with Chuck Berry. The 1975 debut album Pampered Menial, featuring the classic Julia, was an instant success. Mojo Magazine immediately put the album in the Top 30 most important prog rock records of all time. The follow-up At The Sound Of Bell, for which they received collaboration from members of Yes, King Crimson and Roxy Music, followed shortly thereafter. In those years the band toured with such resounding names as Kraftwerk, Journey, Bob Seger and Nazareth. Unfortunately, the big commercial breakthrough fails to materialize. During the recording of their third album, Mike Safron, David Surkamp and co decide to put a stop to Pavlov’s Dog.

Until they get together in 2004 for a one-off concert to mark the band’s 30th anniversary and in the aftermath re-release old work with bonus material. The prog rock world is overjoyed and begins to dream aloud of a full-fledged return. That lure is answered by Pavlov’s Dog in 2010 with the album Echo & Boo. It marked the beginning of their great return, with new music as the album Prodigal Dreamer (2018), live albums and worldwide performances. The legend lives and continues! (source: De Roma)

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