NADA SURF +KEVIN DEVINE at Trix Antwerp 15 Dec. 2022

by photosindarkness
nada surf


American alternative rock band Nada Surf will always immediately evoke the 90s hit single ‘Popular’ for most people. However, the band has never been or become a true one hit wonder. Before that, their albums were always of a consistently above-average level and they are a very welcome guest on the various European concert stages. In the disastrous year 2020, they released their ninth album with Never Not Together. Nothing new under the sun on this one, but with Nada Surf that means perfectly balanced pop songs with that typical indie rock sound. Another addictive album, then, from a band that never disappoints.


Kevin Devine is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn who constantly oscillates between musical extremes: one moment he performs intimate acoustic songs, the next he goes for bombastic rock songs. From deeply introspective lyrics to fierce breakdowns and from biting power-pop over Nirvana-esque songs to beautiful finger-picking, Kevin can do it all.

On his latest (10th!) album Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong, he beautifully fuses it all into one magnificent sampling of his abilities.(Source : Trix)


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