LIFE OF AGONY + PRONG + TARAH WHO ism Biebob Trix ,Antwerp 28 jan .2023

by photosindarkness

Life Of Agony is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their legendary debut album ‘River Runs Red’!

biebob 2023 life of agony poster v1

Alternative metal band Life Of Agony already had a turbulent history. With their debut River Runs Red, released in 1993, they immediately catapulted themselves to the top, partly at the hands of fellow townsmen Biohazard. In 2023, thirty years after that release, they come to celebrate that anniversary by performing the album live in its entirety.

After that debut, Life Of Agony released several more successful albums, but the band broke up in 1999. After several reunion concerts and solo outings, the band has been fully up and running again for a few years now, and they also released two brand new albums with A Place Where There’s No More Pain and The Sound Of Scars. But on 28 January at Trix, they will return to the past thirty years.

American band Prong is a trendsetter and, like many trendsetters, Prong never really broke through despite some fantastic and groundbreaking albums like ‘Beg To Differ’, ‘Prove You Wrong’ and ‘Cleansing’. Other – often lesser gods – ran with the plumes. Numerous bands and artists including Korn, Static X, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails cite Prong’s mix of hardcore, metal and industrial as a major influence. Unfortunately, many have become more famous than their masters. Fortunately, frontman Tommy Victor does not let it get to his heart and stubbornly continues to go his own way.

Tarah Who? is a power duo founded by grunge-punk sage Tarah Carpenter, a frontwoman who channels explosive emotionality into rousing alternative punk anthems.


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