Gary Numan at Olt Rivieren hof Antwerp sat.5 august 2023

by photosindarkness

Gary Numan
You know Gary Numan from hits like Are ‘Friends’ Electric?, Cars and from a string of punishing albums like The Pleasure Principle or Sacrifice.

When Numan released his first solo work in the early late 1970s, eyebrows were raised. He abandoned the classic rock set-up of guitar, bass and drums and focused on more electronic work. Which made him a pioneer – and in 2023, an institution.

Bands and artists like Depeche Mode, Prince, Beck and Damon Albarn called him an inspiration. David Bowie even said Numan was responsible for “writing two of the finest songs” in British music history. No wonder Numan received the Ivo Novello Award for Inspiration.

For Numan’s electronic / industrial rock cum post-punk, he does not find his own inspiration only in synth-pop, electronica or new wave. Numan takes a recorder with him wherever he goes, recording sounds from around the world. For example, you can hear the London Underground reflected on Savage, his 2017 album.

In 2021, this living legend released his most recent album, Intruder. On Intruder, Numan delves deeper into his fascination with the ecological demise of our planet. And he does so by means of new cutting industrial electronics. Inspired by a poem written by his daughter and written from the perspective of the Earth. Don’t get caught: Intruder is another innovative, straightforward record where Numan – as is his wont – reinvents himself without losing his DNA.

Ready for a roaring train of a show at the OLT! Yes! (source :Rivierenhof)

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