DOWN­HILL — THE FINAL CHAP­TER FT. SUI­CI­DE COM­MAN­DO, UNDER­VIE­WER & FÏX8-SËD8 in loving memory of Johan van Mulken 25 november 2023 DE Nieuwe Nor,Heerlen (NL)

by photosindarkness

The final chapter of Downhill. From an enormous passion for music styles like Electronic Body Music and Industrial, Johan van Mulken built the scene in the Euregio with his festival and concerts since 2004. On June 7 this year, his unexpected death came to an abrupt end. He had already announced that the upcoming Downhill would be his last. Together with the other members of Downhill Productions, we as Nieuwe Nor decided that that last chapter should come, on November 25, the day that was already planned, with the acts Johan had booked. An evening on which we will organize Downhill one more time as Johan loved to do: full of devotion and to perfection.

Suicide Commando (BE)
Suicide Commando, aka Johan van Roy, has had one of the longest careers in Belgian electro-industrial music, growing from humble beginnings in the EBM scene of the 1980s to a figurehead of the genre today. The fearless exploration of the dark side of human nature, combined with the intense, dance-floor-oriented songs earned him new fans with each successive generation.

UnderViewer (BE)
Before Jean-Luc de Meyer embarked on the Front 242 adventure in 1981, he had been working with Patrick Codenys since 1978. As Underviewer, they create catchy, addictive synth songs inspired by the Neue Deutsche Welle. With a “minimal approach” and full of experimentation with analog equipment, they approach their music without restrictions. As the duo joined Front242 (Sept. 8 at the Nieuwe Nor) in the early 1980s, few people will be familiar with their work, which was only first released in 2017.

FÏX8-SËD8 is a dark electro/EBM project from Frankfurt, founded by mastermind Martin Sane. Heavily influenced by North American industrial acts such as Velvet Acid Christ and Skinny Puppy, the band’s sound is characterized by the use of samples, complemented by complex sequences, and loaded with distinctive vocals. In 2021, FÏX8-SËD8 released its fifth studio album, “The Inevitable Relapse,” on Dependent Records.

We would love to get stories from the scene for this evening from people Johan has worked with or befriended. Do you have a great story or anecdote or just want to say something? Let us know via A condolence book will also be available on the evening itself. source : de nieuwe nor


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