Aroma Di Amore: final show, ever! Ancienne Belgique wed 14 dec 2022

by photosindarkness

Farewell to 40 years of AdA! Long live symbolism! And long live the police! Come again?
Long live symbolism!

It was exactly 40 years ago that Aroma Di Amore was born. Even more: exactly 40 years ago, the band around wordsmith Elvis Peeters reached the final of Humo’s Rock Rally in this very house. In short: no better symbolism than a farewell performance in exactly the same place exactly four decades later. This fall will also see the release of a box set entitled “The Black Box,” featuring their work from the 80s. Vivid proof of their timeless class!


Long live the police!

Because without them this AB show would not have happened. Come again? Earlier this year AdA planned a reunion show on Sinner’s Day. It came, but was cancelled due to noise complaints. An aborted show and time for a final revenge.


For real: this is Aroma Di Amore’s final show, ever! Assisted live by Roos Janssens on sax and Jan Peeters on guitar. (source : AB)

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