The Orb at DE ROMA Antwerp wed.12 april 2023

by photosindarkness

For fans of: Orbital, The KLF, The Future Sound Of London

Hallucinatory visuals, conjuring soundscapes and pumping electro beats. The Orb spearheaded the acid house revolution in the late 1980s. With their songs drenched in ambient and techno-dub, the band around Alex Paterson created a furor, first in London, soon in the rest of the world. The indestructible Little Fluffy Clouds belongs to the collective memory of all those on the dance floor in the 1990s.

Initially, the band was fronted above the font by Alex Paterson and KLF frontman Jimmy Cauty. In the decades that followed, The Orb released dozens of records in various lineups. They included Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour for the 2010 album Metallic Spheres.

Live, The Orb has been a party for decades, even though the analog tape machines of the early years have since been replaced by laptops and other digital media. Visually, The Orb guarantees an intoxicating spectacle show. Besides Alex Paterson, producer Michael Rendall is at the controls today. Together the duo will provide a unique look back at 35 years of The Orb.(source:De Roma)


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