Peter Hook and The Light at Depot, Leuven Tuesday 14 nov 2023

by Ivo Moeys

Tickets on sale on fri 28 april 2023 at 10 h

The bassist of Joy Division and New Order pays tribute to the iconic bands for their 35th anniversary.

The groundbreaking sounds of the highly influential English bands Joy Division and New Order were dominated by Peter Hook’s thumping bass lines. In the late 1970s, Hook’s ominous bass made it possible to sketch portraits of deep despair. Although the late Ian Curtis’ harrowing lyrics and somber vocals are often attributed to ‘s somber beauty, many of the group’s songs were driven by Hooks’ sinister, throbbing bass.

While badly tuned guitars were all the rage during the punk era in late 1970s England, Hooks’ bass playing brought out the importance of rhythm in punk rock, helping to inspire a generation of dance-oriented new wave bands.

The “Substance” albums of both Joy Division and New Order will be featured, the full compilation of the best of both iconic bands played.

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