Mudhoney @ Botanique Brussels Friday 4 october 2024

by photosindarkness
mudhoney botanique

An absurd journey through all genres of guitar around the absurdities of 21st century life

The world is overflowing with waste. Humanity remains addicted to pollution despite the world continuing to warm every second. People drink anthelmintic because someone on TV told them it would cure COVID. Tom Herman of the influential avant garage band Pere Ubu still does not have his own Wikipedia page. Apparently, the end of times is sillier than anything we could have predicted.

Fortunately, the absurdities of modern life have been the raw material for Mudhoney’s music for years. The Seattle foursome takes aim at it with biting pleasure, on their 11th album, “Plastic Eternity. The band has been around since the late ’80s, but their promordial punk and sharp lyrics prove more pressing than ever. Whether they’re looking at climate change from the standpoint of the climate, or yes, at least if the climate would play guitar like Jimi Hendrix (‘Cry Me An Atmospheric River’), or writing a rock and roll song about drugs but meant for cattle (‘Here Comes the Flood’), or rather doing a classic punk attack about treating people like cattle (‘Human Stock Capital’), the band remains more relevant than ever. (source botanique )

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