Goethes Erben at CC De Schakel , Waregem ,Thursday 15 februari 2024

by photosindarkness

Experience the dark and immersive world of Goethes Erben, the experimental gothic/dark wave band with an unforgettable and theatrical stage act that will stimulate your senses and take you on a journey full of mysterious poetry and dark beats.

The Invitation Organization was enormously active in and around Waregem in the 1990s. They organized numerous dark wave and gothic festivals in those years, including at The Steeple. They were legendary moments when Waregem was flooded with concertgoers who invariably insisted on translating the concert experience into clothing, makeup and footwear as well. In those years the German avant-garde Goethes Erben emerged as a fixture. More than once they came to Waregem and gave memorable concerts. Now that Waregem has a real club hall for the first time, it is obvious that they will once again bring their theatrical dark beats and mysterious poetry to us in the year 2024.

Goethes Erben, belonging to the gothic and darkwave genres, has been making rock-based, experimental music since the mid-1990s. Not only by releasing haunting records, but also through Oswald Henke’s theatrical stage act, they have become a fixture on the gothic scene. When they were last in Waregem in 2016, during the Dark X-Mas show at Waregem Expo, they proved that they are still a must-see for anyone who likes to be surrounded by dark sounds.(source : cc de schakel )

Tickets & Info

Tickets from wed 14 jun 23 09:00

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