Fonnefeesten :A Split Second ,Arbeid Adelt & Erato ,Thursday 10 august 2023

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A Split Second

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A Split Second is a Belgian new beat and electronic body music band founded in 1985. The band is considered one of the pioneers of EBM and their music contributed to the creation of the new beat genre.


Arbeid Adelt


2023 is an absolute anniversary year for ARBEID ADELT!
To know: exactly 40 years after 1983, the release of the legendary debut album “JONGE HELDEN” ánd the year of the belpop classic “LEKKER WESTERS”.
This will be fêted with ‘n club tour & festival performances: the best of + recent shit!
Because of a whole new album – “HET HEELAL IS HIER” – with 10 fresh tracks (ánd 5 bonus tracks on the CD!).
MARCEL VANTHILT cuts words sharper than ever, LUC VAN ACKER pulverizes every wall of sound guitar-wise, JAN VANROELEN tears up the sax.
Moreover, the gentlemen are joined on the album by ANDREW CLAES (Stuff), LEEN DIEPENDAELE (Samowar) & THOMAS VANELSLANDER (Gorki & RvhG). In a production by DOMIEN CNOCKAERT (Durbuy Music) & GUIDO OPDEBEECK (Bobonne Ekeren).


It has been quiet around Belgian gothic rock band Erato for many years. Much too quiet. Nevertheless, they had quite a reputation. The band formed in 1993 and won the Gothrally in 1997. At the same time, their first demo “A Killed God” was released on cassette. Several CDs followed that confirmed the band’s reputation: ‘The Irreplaceable One’ in 2001, ‘III’ in 2002 and ‘NAIVe’ in 2009. The group continued to perform regularly thereafter, but after a while we did not hear from the sextet. Although the group continued to exist, it gave no more sign of life. Until now.


It’s a free festival !

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