Dog Eat Dog + Senser + Guest @ La Ruche Verrière (Lodelinsart – Belgium), 23 May 2024

by photosindarkness

It was in the ’80s that rap metal was really born. In ’86, Run DMC and Aerosmith released the legendary “Walk This Way”. The Beastie Boys’ “Licensed To III” album, with its track “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”, featured a guest appearance by Slayer guitarist Kerry King. Many other examples show that these years launched this fusion.

But in the ’90s, a tidal wave of bands was born: Urban Dance Squad, Rage Against the Machine, Limp Bizkit, Downset…Dog Eat Dog, with whom we’ve already collaborated, added a touch of saxophone. They will be in Belgium as well as in France and Holland for 4 dates with the English group Senser, who haven’t been back on the old continent for almost 10 years, with their rap, electro fusion.

A third group will be announced in early 2024 for this “Fusion’s Tour”.

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