CORPUS DELICTI – Partikul ZIK ZAK Ittre Friday 3 may 2024

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It was during the second wave of cold and darkness that swept through rock in the early ’90s that Corpus Delicti came to life in Nice. The quartet hit the nail on the head with their debut album “Twilight” in 1993: buoyed by evocative, distinctive vocals – in which Bowie’s influence is already apparent – the band’s melodic, hard-hitting gothic rock fuses the best of the genre’s great old hands (Bauhaus, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Christian Death, The Cure) with an energy, creativity and sense of melody that quickly set them apart in Europe.
The combo’s ideal alchemy gave rise to three remarkable albums (“Twilight”, then “Sylphes” in 1994 and “Obsessions” in 1995).
Corpus Delicti went their separate ways in 1997, before re-forming 23 years later in the face of numerous requests from an audience that had only grown stronger over the years.
For several months now, the quartet have been performing their now-cult songs live on stage, and the public response has been impressive.
28 years after the release of their last album in 1995, French postpunk band Corpus Delicti, who now have over 2 million annual streams, are back with a new single, ‘Chaos’. Produced in the United States by American musician William Faith (Faith And The Muse, March Violets), mastered by Grazz (U2, Pogues, Prodigy, Kills..) at The Exchange (London), and with a video directed by Stéphane Lionardo, the quartet show with this track that they have lost none of their punchy rock and melodic sense, and are getting ready to continue their triumphant world tour.

Formed in Nice in 1992 around Sébastien (vocals), Franck (guitar), Chrys (bass) and Roma (drums), Cor- pus Delicti immediately made their mark with a rock style rarely heard in France, with their debut album ‘Twilight’ (1993) becoming a benchmark for the genre. Fusing the best of post-punk with remarkable ener- gy, creativity and melody, the band won acclaim abroad with a 10-date US tour and concerts in Europe. After two more perfect albums, the band broke up in 1997.
23 years later, with their popularity having grown steadily over the years, the original quartet was reunited when they signed with the American label Cleopatra, who were preparing to reissue the band’s catalog. Roma, no longer able to play for health reasons, will be replaced by Laurent Tamagno, drummer for M83 among others.

At the end of 2022, Corpus Delicti finally came back to life live, with a series of concerts and sell-outs all over the world: Paris (La Maroquinerie), London, Madrid, Athens, Rome …. and a Mexican tour culminating in a sold-out concert in front of 1,200 people in Mexico City. This was followed by major summer festivals in Germany, Portugal and Belgium, in front of thousands of people. This popularity earned Corpus Delicti a contract with the American artistic agency Rocky Road Touring, which now looks after the group worldwide.

2024 already promises a promising future: a UK tour with a performance in Manchester Cathedral, a long-awaited return to the United States, and an autumn tour of Latin America with a final date headlining a festival in Mexico City.
𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐈𝐊𝐔𝐋 / Minimal-Wave (be)
In the eighties Belgium was one of the leading countries in the field of electro with bands such as Front 242, The Klinik, Vomito Negro… Today it is still the case. The Brussels band Partikul is one of the standard bearers of the contemporary electro scene. Since 2019, Aly and Stef have been making dark electro influenced by Lydia Lunch, Boy Harsher, Tuxedomoon, Nitzer Ebb, The Smiths, Moon Duo and The Soft Moon…

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