A Gothic Electro Dark Wave Festival The Black Lab Wasquehal (F) Saturday, November 2nd, 2024

by photosindarkness


“Festival of the Dead” Featuring 5 bands and 2 DJs Time: 4pm to 3am


  1. ROSA CRUX – Originating from France, ROSA CRUX is known for their dark, atmospheric music that blends elements of gothic rock, neoclassical, and ritualistic sounds. Their performances often incorporate haunting melodies, ethereal vocals, and intricate arrangements, creating a unique and immersive experience for listeners.
  2. DAS ICH – Hailing from Germany, DAS ICH is a prominent name in the dark wave scene. Their music is characterized by its melancholic lyrics, pulsating electronic beats, and emotive vocals. With a diverse discography spanning over several decades, DAS ICH continues to captivate audiences with their introspective and atmospheric sound.
  3. ASH CODE – ASH CODE is an Italian dark wave band known for their modern take on the genre. Combining elements of post-punk, synthpop, and industrial music, ASH CODE creates a dynamic and energetic sound marked by driving rhythms, hypnotic synth lines, and expressive vocals. Their music often explores themes of alienation, desire, and existentialism.
  4. DAGEIST – DAGEIST is a French dark wave band that blends elements of electronic music with gothic and industrial influences. Their music features pulsating beats, atmospheric synths, and emotive vocals, creating a sense of tension and introspection. With their intense and atmospheric soundscapes, DAGEIST offers a compelling sonic experience for fans of dark electronic music.
  5. PARTIKUL – Hailing from Belgium, PARTIKUL is a dark wave band known for their experimental approach to music. Incorporating elements of ambient, industrial, and experimental electronic music, PARTIKUL creates dense and immersive soundscapes that push the boundaries of traditional genre conventions. Their music often evokes a sense of unease and intrigue, inviting listeners on a sonic journey into the unknown.

Special DJs: Sampler et sans reproches DJs for Warm-up & Closing Party

Tickets Sale: Starts: March 2nd – 11am Get your tickets here

Attention: Tickets: €50 Also available: 2 Festival Passes including ALTERFEST in Charleroi (Belgium) on November 1, 2024 Featuring Clan of Xymox, Kas Produkt, Ductape, and more (10 bands in total) Check here for more details

Note: The 2-festival pass grants access to ALTERFEST on 1/11 and THE DARK LAB on 2/11 for €50 Limited quantities available Prices exclude hire costs

Acknowledgment: With the invaluable support of @rapid_flyer for all our events @ THE BLACK LAB Brasserie Moulins d’Ascq is the official backstage supplier for THE BLACK LAB, and the artists thank us every day.

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