A Certain Ratio Cactus Club Brugge , Saturday 25 november 2023

by photosindarkness

Since their formation in 1978 around a core lineup consisting of Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson, A Certain Ratio’s (ACR) focus has been on progression, experimentation and breaking style barriers. An open minded approach, the group is known for constantly expanding their post-punk base with elements of funk, experimental electronica, jazz and dub.

It makes ACR a difficult group to pin down. Their impact on music history is impossible to overestimate: with their combination of post-punk and funk, they laid the foundation for the sound that evolved into “punk-funk” and inspired generations of artists. Over the years, acts such as Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Happy Mondays, Franz Ferdinand, ESG, Factory Floor and Andrew Weatherall cited the Manchester pioneers as an important influence for their music. Unlike their label mates from Joy Division, whose manager saw A Certain Ratio as the next big band from Manchester, major commercial success failed to materialize. Their status as a cult band subsequently gave A Certain Ratio the space to go full steam ahead with their artistic vision for 45(!) years.

Following the relaunch of their back catalogue by Mute records, the label worked on an extensive campaign for the group’s 40th anniversary, kicked off with the never-before-released cover of Talking Heads’ “Houses In Motion,” for which Grace Jones went on to provide vocals in 1980 (but never showed up in the studio, however). In 2020, they released their first new album on mute, ‘ACR Loco,’ followed by a remix album where ACR collaborated with Speedy Wundergrounds’ Dan Cary, Lonelady and Skream.

In 2023, A Certain Radio shows no signs of muddling through. In homeland UK, the BBC is lustily picking singles from their ‘1982’ album released earlier this year, and to mark their 45th anniversary, the band is touring select ‘handpicked’ venues in the UK and EU. For the ‘A Certain Ratio – 45’ tour, ACR will play two sets each night in chronological order. A first that focuses on the first part of their career and a second that zooms in on the period mid-’90s to the present. Regular closers like “Shack Up,” “Knife Slits Water” and “Si Fimir O Grido” can be expected early in the set, while the danceable output that put ACR back on the radar of hip festivals like Dekmantel and We Out Here closes out the evening. A unique concert for hardcore fans, music freaks and dance floor lovers alike.(source : cactus club)

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